Our social calendar offers a range of events and activities to suit the tastes and enjoyment of our diverse membership. Register for events using the booking links below or contact Suzie Ruse.

Financial Membership for 2019

3 Year Membership Now available for 2019-2021

CamSoc NSW 2019 Membership Fee is now due. Membership is only $45 1 year to 31 December 2019 or $135 for 3 years to 31 December 2021. The Membership Fee enables the Society to be professionally and efficiently administered. Members wishing to attend an event need to be a current financial member. Thank you for your support.

Cost: $45pp
Due: Now!
Valid: Until 31 December 2019.



Invitation to hear Sir Gregory Winter at Sydney University, Wednesday 13 November 2019

The School of Chemistry and the School of Medicine of The University of Sydney are together hosting an event in honour of Sir Gregory Winter FRS on the evening of Wednesday 13 November 2019, and we would be honoured if you could join us. This will follow the conferral of an Honorary Doctorate of Medical Science on Sir Gregory at a Sydney University ceremony the previous week.

Sir Gregory shared the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in phage technology and the creation of “humanized monoclonal antibodies” which have revolutionised medical therapeutics and brought great benefit to mankind. He was his own entrepreneur. His first company, Cambridge Antibody Technology, was launched with seed funding from Australia. Monoclonals now generate a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical enterprise. He is still innovating, with new classes of “find and attack” molecules called “bicycles” under trial.

Sir Gregory was until recently Master of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge and undertook his seminal scientific work at the UK Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge.

The evening will begin a 6 pm, when Sir Gregory delivers the Cornforth Lecture in the Charles Perkins Centre Lecture Theatre at the University’s Camperdown campus. Sir John Cornforth, who was also a Nobel Laureate in chemistry, and Lady Cornforth were graduates of the University of Sydney.

The lecture will be followed at 7.30 pm by a three-course dinner with discussion in the Refectory of the Holme Building. This will be an opportunity to consider important cross-disciplinary issues relating to the role of basic science and universities in medical advances and economic growth, the commercialisation of intellectual property, and the role of Government policy in facilitating synergies between science and medicine.

This should be a wonderful evening with university and community. We do hope you can come.

Evening details

Register by 4 November 2019 for the following:

- Lecture: 6pm, Charles Perkins Centre Lecture Theatre (free)

- Dinner: 7.30pm, Holme Building Refectory, dress code is business ($140 per person) - book at link


Christmas Thinking at Twilight, Wednesday 11 December 2019

Join us for the Christmas Thinking at Twilight and last event of 2019. Enjoy drinks and canapes and hear guest speaker and fellow alum Professor Michelle Baddeley speak on Copycats & Contrarians.

Date: Wednesday 11 December

Time: 6.30 - 8.00pm 

Venue: Union, Universities & Schools Club, 25 Bent Street, Sydney

Dress: Jacket & tie or equivalent

Members will be advised when booking opens. Save the Date!


Golf vs Oxford, Monday 4 November 2019 

Announcing the Cambridge team! Chris Golis, Laurie Scandrett, James Balfour, Jonathan Negus and Peter Wilson.  Good luck!





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