Global Cambridge Reception followed by Winter Feast, Thursday 27 July 2017

Over 200 alumni gathered in at The Ivy for the Global Cambridge in Sydney reception hosted by Professor Eilís Ferran, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Institutional and International Relations. There was a panel discussion about climate change. 75 members and guests enjoyed the Winter Feast dinner at nearby Bistrode restaurant.

Oxbridge Networking Drinks - Wednesday 21 June 2017

We have received great feedback following the Networking Drinks at The Kittyhawk last week, well attended by Oxbridge & Ivy League alumni and their guests, hosted by the Cambridge Society of NSW. There will be further Oxbridge/Ivy League mixers in future. Special thanks to CamSoc NSW committee member Gautham Srivinas for organising the evening.

Reception for Cambridge Alumni with Churchill Master, Friday 7 April 2017

Whilst visiting Sydney, Dame Athene Donald, Master of Churchill College came to meet and talk to alumni on "The Scientist and Society". This event was kindly hosted by David Anthony (Churchill) at Corrs Westgarth Chambers. Over 40 members and guests enjoyed drinks, canapes and the speech.

Oxbridge Croquet Day, Sunday 2 April 2017

Juan Roberson (Oxford) again kindly organised Croquet for beginners and those with experience at Cammeray Croquet Club. He sent the following report: Finally, after five years (!), we had an Oxford vs Cambridge match…!! In spite of some inclement weather we had an enthusiastic turnout of some 20 players - including a dozen complete novices. Across the five years, this now brings us to a total of just over 100 attendances (80 Oxford / 20 Cambridge) - and allowing for those who have come on several occasions, this equates to 70 different individuals who have either learned the game or re-ignited their interest in it. Following our 2016 format, we had some coaching and informal games in the morning, a sociable lunch break, followed by a friendly tournament in the afternoon. This year we had 16 in the tournament which we played as two blocks of 4 pairs for a round robin - each pair guaranteed three games. The winners of each block played off in a final, the runners up played for 3rd and 4th place. The Final was an epic match with every hoop keenly contested (and each one over many minutes...!) as the cat and mouse tactics swung the advantage to and fro between the pairs. Eventually, at 3 hoops all, the Light Blues (Andrew and Martin) succumbed to the Dark Blues (Robin and Robert) at the last hoop - played right in front of the spectators in the clubhouse. So it finished Oxford 4 : Cambridge 3. A memorable match and hopefully just the first of many such tight tussles in the future. In the play off for the bronze (a novice foursome!), Misako and Ashley (4) defeated Pramod and Asad (2). A good (if occasionally damp) day was had by all and once again thanks to Julian for donating the prizes of some fine bottles of wine for the winners and runners up and to our coaches and mentors this year Michael and David. Look forward to seeing you all again next year….. Juan

Thinking at Twilight, 8 March 2017

Dr Luke Barnes, a research astronomer, keen cricketer and speaker at Vivid, and Professor Geraint Lewis, cosmologist and galactic archaeologist, both Cambridge alumni. The planets, stars and galaxies that fill the night sky obey elegant mathematical patterns: the laws of nature. Why does our Universe obey these particular laws? As a clue to answering this question, scientists have asked a related question: what if the laws were slightly different? What if it had begun with more matter, had heavier particles, or space had four dimensions?

In the last 30 years, scientists have discovered something astounding: the vast majority of these changes are disastrous. We end up with a universe containing no galaxies, no stars, no planets, no atoms, no molecules, and most importantly, no intelligent life-forms wondering what went wrong. This is called the fine-tuning of the universe for life. After explaining the science of what happens when you change the way our universe works, we ask: what does all this mean?

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