Committee members and office bearers:

  • President: Amrit Bahra

  • Administrator: Suzie Ruse

  • Vice President: Chris Dawson

  • Secretary: Alison Ross

  • Treasurer: Alistair Newmarch

  • Committee members: Alex Palmer, Gautham Srivinas, Rhiannon Chisholm, Rhys Goodey, Julie-Anne Bosich, Jon Negus and Liza Rybak.


  • Vice President: Chris Dawson, Christopher Dawson (Selwyn College, 1962-65) is a freelance journalist who for 17 years served on the Woollahra Council (Mayor 2000-2001). He was a senior journalist on The Australian and six years editor of The Higher Education Supplement. His book, To Sandakan, The Diaries of Charlie Johnston, Prisoner of War 1942-45 was published by Allen and Unwin in 1995.  He has worked on The Sydney Morning Herald, The Yorkshire Post, The Evening Standard, The Express and the London Daily Telegraph.

  • Treasurer: Alistair Newmarch: Alistair Newmarch holds a Masters from Cambridge University, majoring in Economic Geography where he was awarded the David Richard’s scholarship. He also represented the University in Rugby and Boxing.  He joined Archer Capital in 2006 as an Investment  Manager, having previously worked for Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services, KPMG Corporate Finance in Singapore as an analyst and for Barclays Bank in the UK.

  • Rhys Goodey:  Rhys Goodey read law at Cambridge from 1974 until 1980. He was told by his Constitutional Law supervisor, who had also supervised the unrelated Goodies (Tim Brooke-Taylor etc) that he should become the leader writer for the Daily Express. Union debating, acting at the ADS and rowing in the graduate boat at Magdalene were his finest moments at varsity. He now does the next best thing to leader writing, blogging in his spare time for the London Telegraph. Rhys entered Cambridge as a very skinny youth but now weighs in alongside the Big Marn due to his love, learnt in Academe’s groves and by dreaming at prep school, of food and drink. After being admitted to the Bar in New Zealand in 1981 he set sail for the world again and lectured in law in Malaysia, then in London worked for a leading firm of Solicitors in the City as they developed the new expertise of computer law and intellectual property. His Damascus conversion came at a convention of Young Lawyers in Paris in 1986-within a year he was spruiking vintage port and Chateaux first growths back in the Antipodes. Since Bicentennial Year 1988 he has been a wine merchant in Melbourne and Sydney with his own firm Ark Wine Agencies, promoting the wines of the Yarra Valley , Canberra Region, Hunter Valley, and now Cahors, Tuscany, Bordeaux , Alsace, Puglia, Veneto and Spain. He also imports extra virgin olive oil.

    Rhys has been known to pick up a golf club, whereupon everyone scatters, a shotgun (likewise) a camera (likewise)and a book of raffle tickets to help many worthy causes. Other interests-Traditional Latin Mass,the Monarchy,heritage & nature conservation, cats big and small,truffle-hunting and  high Victorian art.

  • Dr Liza Rybak: PhD [Cambridge]; LLM, LLB [USyd]; Dip Crim, BA [UMelb]

In 2005, Dr Rybak graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from Cambridge University, Faculty of Law.  Her doctoral thesis, supervised by Professor Simon Deakin, entitled 'Arrow, Sen and Stakeholders: Towards an Interdisciplinary Examination of Take-over Regulation', considers legal and economic theory. While at Cambridge, Liza represented her College [Peterhouse] rowing in the Ladies 1st V111.

Dr Rybak teaches Equity and Trusts, and Contacts at Macquarie University. She has also taught Competition and Consumer Protection Law, Administrative and Constitutional Law. Her research leadership includes international peer reviewed publications in law and economics. 

Previously Dr Rybak was CEO of the National Judicial College of Australia [NJCA], an organisation which delivers educational programmes to judges nationally and internationally.  Prior to this she was Director of Research at the Federal Court of Australia, and an Associate to a Deputy President of the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal [AAT].

A Cambridge scholar and academic, with extensive executive management experience, Dr Rybak brings a strong collaborative and collegial approach to the Committee's work.